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digital artist + content creator
very silly !!! *:・゚☆

Terms of Service ♡


Terms of Service
Please read everything below before contacting me about commissioned artwork !

- !! my art may not be used for any form of AI training, NFT creation nor is the copyright of the image transferred over to the client; i still retain copyright over all of my art pieces.
- !! current commissons are not to be use for commercial works (ex. merchandise, reproduced advertisements, logos, etc).
- only accepting payment through Paypal USD, invoice will be sent once we discuss your commission.
- payment is accepted BEFORE i start on your commission !! if no payment is sent, your piece will not be started.
- please know what you want before i begin !! i won't be making any major changes to the sketch or composition once the lines are approved.
- i reserve the right to deny a commission request if it makes me uncomfortable + to use any commissions created for promotional purposes / examples of art i’ve created for others.
- i normally send a work in progress (wip) picture of the sketch/lines and base colors once they are complete but after that you will have to reach out in order to view any further updates. only wips sent on my own volition is if i have any more questions about aspects of your piece.
- please give me about a month to complete each commission in my public queue !! i will notify you if there are any delays.
- variations of your commissions will be emailed to you !! signature will not be removed.
- commissions may be reposted / used only by the client on any personal accounts they own on any website as long as i’m given proper credit.
- refunds will only be granted if no work has begun on the commission / no wips have been sent.
TOS for adopts + custom designs
- !! my art may not be used for any form of AI training, NFT creation nor is the copyright of the image transferred over to the client; i still retain copyright over all of my art pieces.
- only accepting payment thru Paypal USD, an invoice will be sent once we discuss your character design (in terms of custom designs).
- one adopt per person per batch ! only exception would be if the characters are made to be together.
- once you receive this character please don't give them away immediately ! also pls let me know if this is a gift for someone <3 i'd like to keep track of my designs so notify me once you plan on selling / trading them.
- if you decide to provide a tip (any payment $10+ over the base price] for this character, you will be given a bonus art piece ! (please give me roughly 2 weeks to complete this artwork.)
Ask Me About
❥ will draw . .
♡ ponies / hooved creatures (will anthropomorphize upon request !!)
♡ anthro / furries
♡ humans + humanoids
♡ cartoony renditions of real people
♡ artistic gore
♡ nonsexual nudity
♡ fanart + fan characters
❥ dont usually but am willing to draw . . .
♡ feral characters (canines, felines, etc)
♡ mechas
♡ large muscles
❥ will NOT draw . . .
♡ hateful depictions + scenarios (racist, transphobic, homophobic, etc.)
♡ proship content (pedophilic / incestuous depictions of fictional characters)
♡ NFTs (non-fungible tokens)
♡ extra wips (i always send the initial sketch and base colors for corrections, but feel free to ask for updates)
♡ (in terms of lineless + painting options) smooth brushwork vs textured brushwork
♡ gift art for a friend or s/o (they will be tagged once posted !!)
♡ + additional character(s) is 1/2 of the base price
♡ + speedpaint is $15 extra
❥ feel free to ask me about any options that are not listed !!
How to Commission Me
I prefer to be contacted through Instagram or Twitter direct messages for any inquiries, but you may contact me through any social media linked below or via email ! If emailing, I require the following information:
- whether you have read the terms of service
- paypal email + contact email (please specify which email is which!)
- reference sheet (text description only allowed if you're looking for a custom design, but i will need plenty of image references linked
- commission option (ex. lined fullbody, lineless reference sheet, etc)
- additional requests (extra versions of your commission, speedpaint, etc.)
You will be sent an acceptance/denial message + price estimate back as soon as I'm able. Note that the commission process is slower through email for me, so please be patient. If your email doesn't include all of the information listed above your email will be ignored, just to filter through to legitimate clients.Any inquiries or extra questions will be emailed to [email protected] .

I do NSFW commission work as well, all information can be found below. NSFW options are for adults only ! Don't click if you're under 18, I will not work for you !

Prices ♡


Make sure to look here first before you scroll !

Headshot: can include arms/hand if pose calls for it$40$45$60
Halfbody: cut at the waist/thigh up poses$60$65$70
Fullbody: poses depicting character(s) from head to toe$80$85$100
Scene: a full piece; depicts a scene of the character(s) doing something$150$155$180
Chibi: cute + tiny fullbody of a character$40  
Icon: different from a bust in that it fits in a perfect square + matching perfect circle for social media convenience$40$50$60
Customs + Redesigns: be ready with a description (if you want a custom) or a reference (if you want a redesign) once you're ready !! comes as a ref sheet$80+  
Sketchpage: concept sketches of a character; usually look pretty different each time; all sketchy with minimal shading. Contains at least 1 fullbody, up to 5 sketches + will contain extras to fill up bg space$80+  
Reference Sheet: includes 2 fullbodies (front+back; can swap back for clothing option), clothing corner, eye+mouth/heasdshot closeup, basic info + design notes$85  
Outfit Sheet: includes 4 flat color fullbodies of outfits for an existing character; has regular + chibi options$80  
NSFW Comms: message me for prices + extra info   

Art Examples

If you have any questions about prices + extra options, feel free to ask !